The Ultimate Health Mindmap

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The Ultimate Health Mindmap by Mind Map: The Ultimate Health Mindmap

1. Miracle Invention

1.1. Rife Machine

2. Supplements

2.1. What is an overall supplement pack that I could start taking today that will increase my overall energy and health in my entire body?

2.1.1. Protandim

2.1.2. Green Tea

2.1.3. Spirulina

2.1.4. Royal Jelly

2.2. What are the best herbs to have in my diet

3. Exercise

3.1. What is the best workout routine for young 20's for putting on bulk muscle and staying lean?

3.1.1. HIT Training Course The Six Week Course

3.2. What is a stretching routine that I can enjoy and have a great time doing and joyfully commit to the entire program?


3.3. What is the best over-all stretching routine and how often should I do it?

3.4. Truth About Abs

3.5. V Shape Back

3.6. AB workout with a pullulp bar

3.7. Bicep Workout

4. Food

4.1. In regards to eating out, what are some of the major do's and don'ts?

4.2. What are the best foods to have in my diet?

4.2.1. Carbohydrates Beans Black Grain Bread

4.2.2. Fat Oil Coconut Olive Grapeseed Avocodo

4.2.3. Protein Beans Garbonzo Eggs Drink Coconut New node Coconut

4.3. How often should I eat?

4.3.1. Every Three Hours

4.4. What kind of Carb/Fat/Protein ratio should I eat?

4.5. The Food Advsior

4.6. What are the best condiments and why?

4.6.1. Black Peppers

4.7. Where's a list of the healthiest foods to have in my diet and information about each one?

4.7.1. Right Here!

5. Drinks

5.1. What are the best tasting, healthiest drinks out there?

5.1.1. What are some I can get at the local supermarket?

5.2. What is the best way to make my own drinks?

5.2.1. Juicing Why should I juice vegetables rather than eat them whole? Can I make my vegetable juice in the morning and drink it later in the day? What type of vegetables should I juice?

5.3. How much water should I drink a day?

6. Alcohol

6.1. What is the healthiest wine and how much do you drink?

6.1.1. Cannanou

7. Sleep

7.1. What age groups need what amount of sleep?

7.1.1. Ages 0-3 Years

7.1.2. Ages 4-16 Years

7.1.3. Ages 17-28 years

7.1.4. Ages 28 years +

7.2. Naps

7.2.1. What can a 20 minute nap do for me?

7.2.2. What are some tips for napping?

7.2.3. What happens if I oversleep during a nap?

7.3. What happens if I don't get enough sleep?

7.4. How Do I Know if I'm Getting Enough?

7.5. What are some tips for getting up in the morning?

8. Brain

8.1. What can I do to maximize the potential of my brain?

8.2. What can I do to make sure that my brain is operating in the best way it can operate in?

9. Ages

9.1. What do youth need to know in regards to...

9.1.1. Diet

9.1.2. Exercise

9.1.3. Television

9.1.4. Videogames

9.1.5. Water

9.1.6. Reading Labels

9.1.7. Friends

9.1.8. Destiny

9.1.9. Beliefs Rules Values

9.2. Youth

9.3. 1-15

9.3.1. What do youth need to know in regards to... Diet Exercise Television Videogames Water Reading Labels Friends Destiny Beliefs Rules Values

9.3.2. Youth

9.4. 80+

9.4.1. How to live to be 100 TED Talk

10. Anti-Cancer

10.1. Vitamin B-17

10.2. Medical Cannabis Oil (taken orally)

10.2.1. Interview with Dr. Malamede, UC Professor


10.2.3. Raphael Mechoulam,PhD

10.2.4. Medical Marijuana - Cures Brain Cancer

11. Icon Key

11.1. Best