Web 2.0 Tools/Mobile Apps

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Web 2.0 Tools/Mobile Apps by Mind Map: Web 2.0 Tools/Mobile Apps

1. Coaching Web 2.0 Tools


1.1.1. Pre-Participation paperwork and policies all done online and available on any device.

1.2. FastDraw

1.2.1. FastDraw basketball online playbook tool through FastModel Sports. Create/Diagram new plays, share plays with others, and download from thousands of online plays

1.3. Rivals Mosports Forum

1.3.1. Connect with Missouri coaches and chat, share ideas, and learn about upcoming events and clinics. Also includes basketball job openings

1.4. Coach's Clipboard

1.4.1. Playbooks, Drills, and many other types of basketball resources.

1.5. YouTube

1.5.1. Video sharing website that has information on just about anything you would want to search for.

2. Coaching Web 2.0 Apps

2.1. Scorestream

2.1.1. Mobile app that allows users to update sporting events in real time for schools across the country. Simply type your school name and you will find live events

2.2. HUDL

2.2.1. Mobile app allows coaches and players to view, edit, and share game and practice footage all while communicating with one another

2.3. rSchoolToday

2.3.1. This app allows for complete athletic management. Calendars and schedules can be quickly found for all activities within your school.

2.4. PLT4M

2.4.1. Mobile app for students & coaches that allows then to watch demos of workouts and update their personalized workout in real time as they progress through their training program

2.5. PodcastOne

2.5.1. Destination for the most popular podcasts in any category. Multiple coaching categories and great shows are all found on this app Attack Each Day: The Harbaugh's Podcast

3. Social Media Web 2.0 Apps

3.1. Twitter

3.1.1. Connect and socialize with your everyday interests with this personalized web 2.0 news feed app

3.2. Facebook

3.2.1. Mostly used with older social media groups. Many schools, organizations, and teams share their stories on this web 2.0 app

3.3. Instagram

3.3.1. Photo and video sharing networking web 2.0 app

3.4. Snapchat

3.4.1. Fast conversations through photos and videos to create a "story" that is viewd and then dissapears

3.5. Linkedin

3.5.1. Business employment oriented service that connects people through the Linkedin app

4. Web 2.0 Storage Tools

4.1. Dropbox

4.1.1. File storage system that is capable of large file transfers and live file collaboration

4.2. Google Docs

4.2.1. Create and edit files online and collaborate with others in real time

4.3. Google Keep

4.3.1. Note-taking service that includes text, video, images, and audio

4.4. Microsoft One Drive

4.4.1. Get to all your saved files anywhere/anytime on any device

4.5. icloud

4.5.1. Apple based storage service that stores data of all types. More data can be purchased whenever needed