Calvin & Hobbes

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Calvin & Hobbes by Mind Map: Calvin & Hobbes

1. The moral lesson

1.1. Calvin says he will do what he wants without giving any importance to what others think. But when they do with him what he said he would do to others, he gets angry and starts to regret. Doing what you want is easy, but we can not ignore the feelings of others. Society works precisely because of its ethical principles, without which the world would be disgusting

2. Calvin

2.1. A six-year-old boy who lives several adventures and does not miss a chance to venture with his own imagination.

3. Hobbes

3.1. Hobbes is as a doll tiger that miraculously comes to life when Calvin’s around

4. The strip

4.1. Calvin no longer believes in ethics, he is certain that the ends justify the means. He wants to do whatever he wants at the time he wants, and then let others decide whether it's right or wrong.

4.1.1. Then, when Calvin enters in front of Hobbes, making difficult the walk, Hobbes decides to push it Calvin is stressed by the attitude of his friend and begins to shout asking "why" of him to have done that Hobbes explains the motive and uses the friend's Argument that "the ends justify the means"