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Autonomous Guided Vehicle Systems by Mind Map: Autonomous Guided Vehicle Systems
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Autonomous Guided Vehicle Systems


DARS = Distributed Autonomous Robotic Systems ->

AGV Problems

Design & Layout


One of the main objectives of a control policy is to satisfy demands for transportation as fast as possible and without occurrence of conflicts among AGVs. Therefore, at least the following activities need to be performed by a controller of the system: • dispatching of loads to AGVs, • route selection, • scheduling of AGVs, • dispatching of AGVs to parking locations (i.e. locations where idle vehicles are positioned). Firstly, a vehicle is dispatched to a new transportation demand. The selected vehicle is assigned a route and schedule for the transportation task, such that the transport can be executed without occurrence of deadlocks and collisions. If no new jobs are available, an AGV can be routed to a parking location to wait for a new transportation demand.



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Supervisory control theory

Resource allocation systems

Geometric motion planning


FTS = Fahrerlose Transportsysteme

AGV = Automated guided vehicle-systems

AWT = Automatische Warentransportanlage