Integrating Writing and Mathematics

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Integrating Writing and Mathematics by Mind Map: Integrating Writing and Mathematics

1. Today's teachers

1.1. Encouraged to include writing in all the subject areas.

1.2. Numbers and symbols are perceived to be the language of math.

2. Benefits

2.1. Writing is a tool for learning in math

2.2. Integrating writing and math moves students beyond the basic facts of math.

2.3. Learning becomes more real and more meaningful

2.4. As you integrate, think of it as an enhancement to teaching math rather than as one more thing to cram into the curriculum.

3. Writing

3.1. To write is to compose

3.1.1. To compose well is to comprehend

3.2. Writing demands careful word choice, clear thinking, compete communication.

3.2.1. The act of writing takes longer than thinking or speaking, allowing time for the discoveries and connections.

3.3. Writing Journals

3.3.1. Good journal topics are reusable. Write for five minutes about yesterday's homework. Tell everything you learned about _________ today. What did you miss on the test? Summarize last night's assignment.

4. Grading

4.1. Don't make grading too labor-intensive for yourself

4.2. Align your grading practice with the type of writing students do.

4.3. Use different grading approach depending on the type of writing.

4.3.1. Writing assignments that check for understanding should be turned in for immediate response wile the topic is still fresh.

5. Resource