Service Learning Project

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Service Learning Project by Mind Map: Service Learning Project

1. recipes

1.1. Mini Pizzas

1.2. Strawberry Shortcakes

2. Homeade Heart Bird Feeder

3. Activities for Children

3.1. games

3.1.1. Paper Plane Target Practice Cut circles into a poster board and hang it in a doorway. Make paper planes and try to throw them threw the holes.

3.1.2. Jenga

3.2. movie recommendations

3.2.1. Hotel Transylvania 3

3.2.2. Coraline

3.2.3. Despicable Me

3.2.4. Frozen

3.2.5. Coco- Movie that speaks about family units

4. Holidays

4.1. Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday

4.1.1. January 21st Facts on MLK Jr.

4.2. George Washington's Birthday

4.2.1. February 18th

4.3. Valentine's Day

4.3.1. February 14th

4.3.2. Recipes Chocolate Filled Strawberries

4.3.3. Funny Valentine's Day cards

4.4. Valentine's Day craft

4.5. Memorial Day

4.5.1. May 27th Facts on Memorial Day

4.5.2. Cookouts

4.5.3. Park Games/Kick Ball

4.6. Fourth of July

4.6.1. July 4th Independence Day

4.6.2. Fireworks Cookouts

5. Birthdays - list provided by Ms. Rice

5.1. Make the list visually appealing with fonts colors and some art

6. Monthly In-Service Training - provided by Ms. Rice

7. Monthly Foster Parent Support Group- provided my Ms. Rice

7.1. Training provided for the January support group will be Amanda McCullough from Hamilton Center regarding organization for foster families February will be a representative from the CASA program

8. Holiday Burn Out- Foster Parents and Self Care

8.1. Self-care reminders- importance of self care to include: sleep, exercise, coping methods, meditation, time out

8.2. Date night with spouse-

9. Community Events