CYO Volleyball

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CYO Volleyball by Mind Map: CYO Volleyball

1. Teams

1.1. Eval Week

1.1.1. Put more categories on spreadsheet

1.1.2. Have different stations for coaches where they evaluate a single skills; come together at the end of each night

1.1.3. Bring masking tape and markers

1.1.4. Print out evaluation sheets

1.1.5. Parent Meeting

1.2. Practices

1.2.1. Skills clinics from guests

1.3. JV Green

1.4. JV White

1.5. Varsity Green

1.6. Varsity White

2. Team Building

2.1. St. Joe's alum vs. student game (mixed teams)

2.2. Big Sister-Little Sister

2.2.1. Past, present, future

2.3. Shanahan Games

2.4. Immaculata Game (meet & greet)

2.5. Yale visiting game (meet & greet)

2.6. Coach/parent vs. student game

3. Events

3.1. 8th Grade All-Star Game

3.1.1. 2-3 girls

3.2. 8th Grade Night

3.2.1. Posters

3.2.2. Flowers

3.2.3. Refreshment (e.g. cupcakes)

3.2.4. Special gift Iron-on tee-shirts Caracturist Collage

3.2.5. Select a date

3.3. Berks Tournament

3.3.1. Justine McNulty contact

3.4. CYO Beef & Beer Basket

3.5. CYO Tournament

3.6. Fundraisers @ Games

3.7. Keystone / O'Hara Tournament

3.7.1. Bill Collins contact

3.8. Play Day

3.8.1. Set Up Concessions Cost for Concessions Sign Two (2) tables for concessions Change, starter $$ Gloves, paper towels 3 cases of water, Gatorade 200 pretzels Buckets for raffles (from Kivlin) Court Chairs No eating in gym signs Schedules printed Court A/B signs

3.9. Service Project

3.9.1. Pick charity

3.9.2. Pick date

3.9.3. Figure out task

4. Logistics

4.1. Blackout Dates

4.1.1. Remember Neumann Scholarship

4.1.2. Special events

4.1.3. School events

4.1.4. Coach blackouts

4.1.5. Should come within 1st three weeks of season

4.2. Booking gym

4.2.1. Should be done by October (end of season)

4.2.2. Scheduling any special games

4.3. Balls

4.3.1. Make sure we have enough

4.3.2. Make sure they are all inflated

4.3.3. Ball bags

4.3.4. Carts

4.3.5. Should do this by July

4.4. Jerseys

4.4.1. Process for giving them Parents need to sign sheet saying they'll give back or pay We'll give washing instructions as part of packet List by number, by team Start with JV (smaller sizes)

4.4.2. Process for getting them back

4.4.3. Give out last night of evaluations, get back during CYO tournaments

4.5. First Aid Kits

4.5.1. Do we need them for other teams?

4.6. Forms for Home Games (orange folder)

4.7. Rosters

4.7.1. Should complete by August 29th

4.7.2. Submit to League by MMDD

5. Coaches

5.1. People

5.1.1. Megan Head Coach - consults with all teams

5.1.2. Anna JV Green Assistant Coach

5.1.3. Buddy JV White Coach

5.1.4. Jeff JV White Assistant Coach

5.1.5. Katie Varsity Assistant Coach

5.1.6. Linda Varsity Coach

5.1.7. Paige JV Green Coach

5.1.8. Paul JV White/Green Assistant Coach

5.1.9. Skyler JV White/Green Assistant Coach

5.1.10. Guest Coaches (if possible)

5.1.11. Guest coaches for clinics

5.2. Process

5.2.1. Initial coaches' meeting to talk about roles and expectations

6. Website

6.1. Coaches

6.1.1. Resources Their role versus coordinator role Expectations of them Procedures for how to deal with questions / issues Drills to follow each practice

6.2. Contact lists

6.3. Resources

6.3.1. Expectations of them

6.3.2. Expectations of us

6.3.3. Gym Addresses/Directions

6.3.4. Volleyball 101 Videos Scoring Ref calls Positions Rules

6.4. Rosters

6.5. Standings

6.6. Team Schedules

6.7. Voting on Player of the Week

6.7.1. Funny picture of them

6.8. Report Absences

7. Recruitment

7.1. Scrimmage game where all students are encouraged to come, especially 4th graders

7.2. Spirit Night: kids recognized at game, giveaways; like fan appreciation night @ Flyers

7.3. Kids Klub / Peewee League