Managing Your Digital Footprint

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Managing Your Digital Footprint by Mind Map: Managing Your Digital Footprint

1. Online Security

1.1. Use trusted connections

1.2. Change passwords frequently

1.3. Use antivirus and antispyware

1.4. Stay informed with hacking and potential breaches of your data

2. Be a Responsible Digital Citizen

2.1. Think about what you write

2.2. Be mindful of the images you post

2.3. When sharing information, verify the source

2.4. Everything you put on the internet can be traced

2.5. Manage your social media content carefully and be consistent across all platforms

2.6. Be careful who your friends are as their actions may affect you negatively

3. Personal Accounts

3.1. Check and review your privacy settings

3.2. Read terms and conditions of your subscriptions

3.3. Check data regulation and privacy policies

3.4. Be careful who you give your personal information to

4. If you do not mange your digital footprint it could affect your chances of employment

5. Have an active presence

5.1. Post content that best projects you

5.2. Be professional

5.3. Keep your content up to date

5.4. Market yourself through all your platforms

5.5. Actively post and share content