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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. Dad: He owns his own business, he could teach me to run my own business!

2. Mom: she works for MEA forensic as a project coordinator, she could help me get a job recreating crashes!

3. Danielle Libby: she runs her own business with health insurance. she could teach me how to do that.

4. brother: he works fixes semi trucks, he could get a job working at his shop.

5. Grandma: she used to be a massage therapist she could teach me how to massage people.

6. My Riding Coach: she could teach me to teach other people to ride and also train horses.

7. My dentist; He could teach me how to clean teeth and run a business

8. Nick (Danielle's boyfriend) he works at a restaurant he could teach me to wait tables and cook food.

9. Ron Baszucki: he manages rented houses, he could show me to do that.

10. Ms. Corrado she is our school counselor she could teach me hoe to counsel teens in school.

11. My dogs vet, she could shoe me the ways of being a vet someday

12. A ER doctor: he/she could teach me to run an ER and work on the sick and injured.

13. Kaylan: (neighbour brother) he works on coumputers fixing the broken ones.

14. Mr. Knight: he is a CEA at my school he can teach me how to work in this district.

15. My Aunt: she does all the money paperwork at Rykon, she could teach me how!