Literacy in the Advertising Discourse Community

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Literacy in the Advertising Discourse Community by Mind Map: Literacy in the Advertising Discourse Community

1. Jargon

1.1. "Collaterals"

1.1.1. Audience giveaways Bookmarks Gift Cards Gift Certificates

1.2. "Marketing Copies"

1.2.1. Quick informational blurbs about the book Reviewers Audience Input

1.3. "Review"

1.3.1. Critical Success of a Product Positive or Negative

1.4. "Channel"

1.4.1. Distribution method Direct Mail Direct E-Mail Radio Television Online Social Media Web Banners

1.5. "Call-to-Action"

1.5.1. An invitation to audience to take a certain action

1.6. "Keyword"

1.6.1. A specific word or phrase meant to trigger an audience into a call-to-action

1.7. "Reach"

1.7.1. The total number of people who view an advertisement

2. Genres

2.1. Press Releases

2.2. Memos

2.2.1. Purpose

2.2.2. Summary

2.2.3. Discussion

2.3. E-Mail

2.3.1. In-House Bosses Co-Workers Other Professionals

2.3.2. Out-of-House Clients Representatives

2.3.3. Distribution Lists Professional Intra-Organizational

2.4. Social Media

2.4.1. Websites About Blog Shopping Cart Events

2.4.2. Facebook/Instagram/Twitter Customer Relations Instant Messaging Company Updates New Releases

3. Advice

3.1. Know what’s going on within the world of communication

3.2. Get out there and physically meet people

3.2.1. Getting a job in advertising: top 10 tips

3.3. Understand what your campaign sets out to achieve

4. Things to Consider

4.1. Rhetorical Situation

4.1.1. Rhetor Rhetorical Appeals Ethos Pathos Logos Kairos

4.1.2. Audience

4.1.3. Topic

4.1.4. Purpose

4.1.5. Culture/Context

4.2. Accessibility and Inclusivity

4.3. Visual Rhetoric

4.3.1. Colour Scheme Cultural Significance Readability Accessibility Colour Theory Primary Colours Secondary Colours Tertiary Colours

4.3.2. Font "Personalities" Context Purpose Visual Associations Credibility Sustained Readability

4.3.3. Imagery Copyright Visual Pathways Consistency

4.3.4. H.A.T.S. Headings Access Typography Space