Environment And Peace

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Environment And Peace by Mind Map: Environment And Peace

1. Deforestation

1.1. Deforestation in our country is growing more and more in an alarming way, since the population is looking for a way to survive and they start cutting down trees either to build their houses or produce crops, also for the development of new infrastructures or simply for business timber. What is certain is that they have caused great damage affecting the fauna and flora, extinguishing quantities of species, damaging biodiversity and the worst thing is that we do not realize the great damage we cause.

2. Loss of moorland

2.1. The Paramus are a very important resource, which mining and agricultural lands are invading, causing them to disappear every day causing serious problems, since most of the country's water resources come from Paramus. Although measures are already being taken as a solution to this problem, some of us, such as the national park, are already being affected.

3. Damage caused by mining

3.1. As we know, mining provides great resources to the country and is very important, but nevertheless, they also cause problems and natural damage, such as the pollution they generate to water, the handling of chemicals because they do not know how to use them properly, they pollute the water. On the other hand, there are illegal mining practices that also cause a lot of damage by not having preventive methods to avoid these problems.

4. ¿what can we do to solve these problems? We must mainly be aware and inform ourselves about the great damage we cause to nature by practicing these activities without taking into account that we are destroying the world with so much pollution and ecological disasters, because to end all this we must do our part taking care of the maturaleza without shedding any type of contamination that affect both animals and society.