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Environment by Mind Map: Environment

1. Damage caused by mining: The damages caused by mining are due to the wealth with respect to natural resources such as: coal, precious metals and gems.

1.1. Statistics: According to economic statistics, mining is the sector with the greatest expansion in the country. Only in 1989 did it represent 50 percent of all national exports.

1.2. Risks: The amount of deaths that this work has left, specifically the one developed in coal mines, has set off alarms among civil and health authorities throughout the country. But not only is there danger to the coal mining activity; The exploitation of gold, typical of Colombian areas such as southern Bolivar, also represents health risks. In this case not only mine workers are exposed but also the people who live around the exploited areas and the environment. Malformations in the body, decreased visual or auditory capacity, deficiencies in the senses and even death, are risks that run with this mining activity. Mercury and cyanide, elements used for the exploitation of gold, are highly damaging.

1.3. Harmed: The most damaged have been the bodies of water such as swamps and rivers that subsist next to the mining complexes.

2. Names: Juan Sebastian Marmolejo Herrera and Andres Alfonso Castilla Martinez.

3. Lost of paramo: The loss of the unemployed is polongrando by mining and agricultural

3.1. Importance: The natural ecosystems of the páramo are important, not only for their ecological value, but also because they contribute to cement economic and social processes.

3.2. Conservations: The conservation of the páramo depends on a clear and effective state policy and the management of the inhabitants of the cities. The National Government seems to turn its back on the urgent need to conserve natural ecosystems in the páramos.

3.3. Causes: Currently, and recognizing the impact that these high mountain ecosystems have already had due to the advance of the livestock and agricultural frontier, páramos play a vital role in regulating the country's hydrological cycle as well as harboring a great biological diversity ( some studies estimate that there are about 4,700 different species of plants and 70 of mammals in the páramos.

4. Deforestation: Deforestation has three causes because people see in it economic solutions

4.1. Effects: Deforestation is a net contributor to global warming, 26 27 and is often cited as one of the main causes of the greenhouse effect. The loss of tropical forests is responsible for approximately 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

5. QUESTION: What would you do to solve these problems? This problem can not be corrected with the support of a single person, national support is needed to promote ideas, but from our personal side we think that re-solving, investigating and behaving the knowledge with which these problems are solved can be promoted a great voice and showing tests and ejomplos.