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Aves by Mind Map: Aves

1. Characteristics

1.1. worm blood&Epidermal covering of feathers

1.2. body usually spindle shaped

1.3. oil gland at base of tail

1.4. light weight bones

1.5. respiratory organs:spongy&non-distensible lunges,air sacs.

1.6. circulatory system: four chambered heart,two atria&ventricales.

1.7. nervous system:well developed 12pairs,cranial nerves,brain,large cerebellum,optic lobes.

1.8. digestive system : crop is formed by the gullet,stomach divided into gglandular&gizzard.

1.9. sexes separate: females have left overy& oviduct only.

2. Importance

2.1. Keeping the balance of nature

2.2. As pets

2.3. Source of food &raw materials

2.4. help Spread seeds

2.5. Use the feathers to stuff pillows,mattresses,coats

3. External Anatomy

3.1. Feathers

3.1.1. types Tail Flight Semi plume Filo plume Bristle Downy The downy

3.1.2. Functions provide insulation,body temperature(40C) allow for flighat Supplying the bird with colors

3.1.3. Anatomy stem vane barb,barbules,hooklets,

3.2. Wings

3.2.1. type Long&wide Narrow&pointed Long&narrow Wide&rounded

3.3. BEAKS

3.3.1. type A Short,strong A Long,pointed A Tiny filters A meat-eater with a sharp hook A beak with a hook

3.4. FEET

3.4.1. Type swimming Perching Clmbing

4. Classification

4.1. KINGDOM: Animala

4.2. SUPER PHYLUM :Deuterostomaia

4.3. PHYLUM : Chordata

4.4. SUB PHYLUM :Vertebrata

4.5. SUPER CLASS: Tetrapoda

4.6. CLASS: Aves

4.7. SUPER CLASS: Tetrapoda

4.8. KINGDOM: Animala