Environment and peace

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Environment and peace by Mind Map: Environment and peace

1. 1. Air pollution is a problem that has increased in recent years The greatest concern about this contamination occurs in Medellín, which reached 74%. Cali (49%) and Bogotá (45%).

2. It is one of the most important environmental problems, and is the result of man's activities. The causes that cause this activity are the industrial, commercial, domestic and agricultural activities.

3. Motorized vehicles and the burning of forests, pastures and garbage emit enormous amounts of smoke into the air, which not only constitute a visual pollutant, which clouds the atmosphere, but also contain toxic substances and particles that affect human health.

4. Smoke from motor vehicles contains carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2) and lead. The (CO) is highly toxic to animals and humans, because when it is inhaled it blocks the transport of oxygen in the blood and produces anemia

5. 2. For me it is deforestation The most dramatic impact is the loss of habitat of millions of species. Seventy percent of animals and plants inhabit the forests of the Earth and many can not survive the deforestation that destroys their environment. Climate change is often associated with deforestation, because with this the trees no longer have the capacity to block the sun's rays and it is the extreme temperatures affecting the soil, which induce the variability between the weather conditions in the environment; leaving damages not only on the surface but also to the different species of plants and animals.

6. 3.Help clean the oxygen you breathe. Be part of the solution: If you want a city, literally, greener, help create vertical gardens for your community: filter harmful gases and generate more oxygen. Do not waste drinking water! Make responsible use of it by not leaving open faucets, reducing your time in the shower, watering the plants early in the morning or evening to prevent water from evaporating, and especially explaining in your environment the importance Start by classifying and recycling the garbage that is generated at home.

7. Planting trees becomes a help both for the environment and for your pocket. A tree produces oxygen, cleans the air you breathe and, as it is equivalent to 10 air conditioners, your electricity bills can go down significantly.

8. Members: Emely johana Rodriguez Tarra. Daniela isabel Crespo Yepez

9. What can we do to solve these problems?