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Connection by Mind Map: Connection

1. Student/student

1.1. Public space

1.1.1. Introverts (self-connection) Small Compact Private Nooks Reflect

1.1.2. Extroverts Collaborative Open Circular student directed learning

1.1.3. Introvert/extrovert Flexible Modular big private spaces

2. Student/teacher

2.1. Student/teacher collaborative space

2.1.1. Private

2.1.2. Accessible

2.1.3. Close to staffroom

2.1.4. Promotes discussion

2.2. Small classrooms

2.2.1. Closer to each other and to teachers

2.2.2. Fewer students per class More individual student attention better student collaboration

3. Visual

3.1. To site

3.1.1. View into school obstructed from Royal Pde Privacy Security

3.2. From Site

3.2.1. View from roof Can see in all directions Elevated view - can see further

3.2.2. From building See out but not in Views to north and west Views blocked to each and south

3.2.3. From open spce Views to North Residential buildings Enclosed by builidng

3.3. Across site

3.3.1. See through NS axis in ground floor

3.3.2. See to west from first floor

3.3.3. See across site from roof

4. Nature

4.1. Materials

4.1.1. Wood

4.2. Outdoor spaces

4.2.1. Rooftop green space

4.2.2. Footprint does not decrease green space


4.3.1. Glass allows views outside

5. Surrounding context

5.1. Height

5.1.1. Stepped Maintains slope gradient of surrounding buildings No imposing to pedestrians

5.1.2. Set back

5.1.3. View around site from rooftop

5.2. Style

5.2.1. Modern materials Connection to hospital Connects to university across the road

5.3. Shape

5.3.1. Break from rectilinear surrounding

5.3.2. Gentle lines

6. Curriculum

6.1. Plan

6.1.1. Biology Protein synthesis RNA

6.1.2. Chemistry Molecules

6.2. Classrooms

6.2.1. Transparent Can see what others are doing