RAMdex 2011

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RAMdex 2011 by Mind Map: RAMdex 2011

1. Feel Good

1.1. Don't Feel Sorry For Yourself

1.1.1. A project dedicated to not letting you wallow.

2. Marketing Genius

2.1. Carlsberg Biker the Movie

2.1.1. Carlsberg fills a movie theater with 148 bikers. What happens when couples enter and discover that there are only two empty seats in the house?

3. Sell Your Crap

3.1. Trunkt

3.1.1. "Wholesale made easy. Trunkt is the free and easy way to discover wholesale products from independent artisans."

3.2. Shopify

3.2.1. "Shopify offers a complete ecommerce solution that allows you to set up an online store and easily sell your goods."