How are we going to save UTF-8 chars in Oracle?

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How are we going to save UTF-8 chars in Oracle? by Mind Map: How are we going to save UTF-8 chars in Oracle?

1. Ways UTF-8 Chars can be entered

1.1. AA Forms in our apps

1.2. PS - feeds

1.2.1. fixed width

1.2.2. csv

1.2.3. What was PS doing for handling UTF-8?

1.3. OUAC

1.3.1. address

1.3.2. Name

2. Direction to implement migration steps

2.1. Start at Oracle and work our way back

2.1.1. create new DB and import our schemas The character encoding scheme used by the database is defined as part of the CREATE DATABASE statement. All SQL CHAR data type columns (CHAR, CLOB, VARCHAR2, and LONG), including columns in the data dictionary, have their data stored in the database character set. In addition, the choice of database character set determines which characters can name objects in the database. SQL NCHAR data type columns (NCHAR, NCLOB, and NVARCHAR2) use the national character set. After the database is created, you cannot change the character sets, with some exceptions, without re-creating the database. Talk to Chris Burnham. how do we do this?

2.1.2. have to go through all procedures to make sure we are using CHAR rather than BYTE

2.1.3. make sure sqlldr control files have CHARACTERSET UTF8 statement and use CHAR rather than BYTE for field width specifications What control files are fixed width

2.1.4. allow UTF-8 Char set in our apps

2.2. Start at UTF-8 injection points and work back to Oracle

2.3. Can PS export in ASCII rather than UTF-8

2.4. emergency fix -- use NVARCHAR instead of VARCHAR on individual fields affected

3. Problems we expect to encounter

3.1. batch jobs failing

3.1.1. max chars for field exceeded when inserting into Oracle

3.1.2. a fixed width control file will die if there is a UTF-8 char in a field

3.2. Inserts failing