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Kirana Ardianti Witoelar_Y6B_FA by Mind Map: Kirana Ardianti Witoelar_Y6B_FA

1. Paleolithic

1.1. Early Stone Age ~ It lasted around 2.5m until 10 thousand years ago when stone tools was first used by hominids (prehistoric humans.) Hominids lasted until around 120,000 years ago technological changes happened in the middle paleolithic.

1.2. Early Species ~ Early hominids (a.k.a. homo erectus) popped up in the archaeological record between 1 million and 500 thousand years ago. A fossil related like "lampang man."hominids moved from Asia to south Africa. The use of fire was important for hunting. hominids' skull was smaller but thicker compared to modern humans. They lived in caves next to rivers and lakes. They stayed away from giant hyenas, sabre tooth tigers, orang-utans and giant pandas. Somsak Pramankit 1999 proved they have found skull parts of hominids in Ko Kha. Lampang skulls can't be described as ordinary types. It was comparable with a skull of a man found in Java which is 400 until 800 thousand years old. Stone artifacts from 40 thousand years ago have been found in Mae Hong Son.

1.3. Relation to Modern People ~ Modern people are not descendants of "lampang man." Genetic research state this fact. It was proven that no breeding with asian and hominids have not met. A hypothesis.

2. Neolithic

2.1. New Stone Age ~ From 10 - 4 thousand years ago new traditional technology was discovered at the end of stone age. They then made farm tools and new hunting tools in the "neolithic revolution." I kept developing until the bronze and iron age depending on what they can use. At Khao Toh Chong in Krabi archeologists found evidence of changes in hominid dieting changing the domestication because of sea level change. Archeoligists think that rice was introduced in central Thailand by transporting rice by farming societies.

2.2. Domestication ~ Neolithic culture spreaded in lots of places in Thailand around 9000 BCE. People explored cereal use and then became real farming. Evidence of rice was found and existed from 2500 - 2200 B.P. Plus the early findings of rice was discused by scholars. Prehistoric farming was limited with little amount of crops such as cucumber, pea, nut, bean, pepper & betel, and wild cow and pigs. They were one of the earliest to create pottery.

2.3. Neolithic Settlements ~ After years, they made their settlements and splitted in Spirit Cave located in Mae Hong Son Province, Lang Kamnan Cave located in Kanchanaburi Province, Wang Bhodi located in Kanchanaburi Province, Ban Chiang located in Udon Thani Province, Khok Phanom Di located in Chonburi Province & Khao Rakian located in Songkhla Province.

3. Bronze + Copper Age

3.1. Copper & Bronze Age ~ It lasted around 2,500 years ago. It was the age where metal working techniques were created and was used to find bronze, copper or tin.

3.2. Bronze Age Settlements ~ There was a bronze age settlement in Thailand located at Ban Chiang. A bit stone-ish.

4. Iron Age

4.1. Iron Age Settlements ~ The final age lasted for around 1,700 years ago when they made tools and weapons out of iron. Their settlements were in Non Nok Tha located in Khon Kaen Province, Lopburi Artillery centre located in Lopburi Province, Ong Ba Cave located in Kanchanaburi Province & Ban Don Ta Phet.

5. Mesolithic

5.1. Tools ~ In the mesolithic times they begin making stone into tips of spears that are dangerous and sharp by carving the stones or rocks bit by bit and making small tips at one end and attaching them to one side of the stick. Which you can also say is the spear.

6. Megalithic

6.1. Megalithic Settlements ~ The megalithic settlements were in Prasat Hin Phanomwan Reservoir, Phanom Rung, Buriram Moat & Phi Mai.