Prehistory of America.

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Prehistory of America. by Mind Map: Prehistory of America.

1. iron pickaxes, iron axes, iron sword, iron shield, iron mallets, iron buckets.

2. The Metal Age

3. The Metal Age

4. they also used vines to act like it were ropes/strings.

5. The Stone Age

6. The Stone Age

7. how did the people survive in the stone age was by crafting things with stone, like stick and rock: stone mallet, stick and banana shaped rock: stone pickaxe, and many more.

8. The Metal Age

9. in the metal age people survive by something different. so back in the stone age they directly craft the tools, but in the metal age the people had to smelt the iron ores and then the people can craft the metal tools.

10. The Stone Age

11. The Paleolithic period is the first period in the stone age. it was around 30000 or 10000 BCE. the people used stone tools but the tools weren't that strong but they still used them but as time comes by the people upgraded the stone tools. but they weren't that smart, so their upgrades was not really a big improvement but they kept growing knowledge.

12. Neolithic Period

13. now the neolithic Period is the last period in the stone age and the tools became more efficient to use. the stone tools were more stronger, because as the time flies by the people became more smarter and finally their upgrades made a huge improvement.

14. How Did People Survive In The Metal And InThe Stone Age:

15. Paleolithic Period

16. Mesolithic Period

17. the mesolithic period was about in 10000 or maybe 8000 BCE. the people finally made an upgrade on the stone tools, like the stone axes, the stone pickaxes, the stone mallets and many more. and the tools were stronger than the others back in the Paleolithic period. 11/6/2018 09:42

18. What did they like to eat

19. In the Iron age all the people thought that all of the iron came from the sky. and because of that the people used the iron to craft iron tools and stuff.

20. first they eat raw things since the furnaces wasn't invented.

21. later on, they started eating edible plants, bird eggs then they took honey from and then berries and finally animals that were cooked.

22. The Iron Age

23. The bronze age was the first age in the metal age. it was around 10000 or 12000 BC. the bronze tools was stronger than copper so it didn't break fast but it can still break fast just not as fast as the copper tools.

24. in the copper age everyone used the copper tools and the copper age was around BC. the copper tools were weak tools, so tools break really fast. but the information about how was then people's reaction when the tools break is unknown.

25. The Bronze Age

26. The Copper Age

27. All The Tools From The Metal And Stone Age:

28. I chose America because the people in America are buffed and I didn't really know much about the prehistory of America, so that's another reason why I chose America. and I wonder how interesting is the prehistory of America, like how does the American stone age people are innovative.

29. Why I Chose America: