Prehistory In Greece

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Prehistory In Greece by Mind Map: Prehistory In Greece

1. Stone Age

1.1. Paleolithic

1.1.1. Paleolithic people in Greece used stone, wood, plant fibers and bones to make fishhooks, spears, knives and scrapers. They didn't make houses but they live in the cave. One of the cave that they lived in is Franchthi cave. The people living inside the cave hunted deer and rabbit, catched fishes, and gathered mussels and clams, wild grain for bread or porridge, wild peas and beans, fruit, and nuts.

1.2. Mesolithic

1.2.1. In this period the people still lived in caves instead of houses and they still hunt food and fishing. They used obsidian to make tools, the nearest place to find an obsidian is Aegean island between Greece and Turkey because if we can't find obsidian in Greece there is only in the volcanic islands nearby.

1.3. Neolithic

1.3.1. Around 7000 BC there were more people in Greece and it become more hard to hunt for food so they decided to farm and they started to collect sheeps, goats and pigs. And at 5800 BC they started to build houses made of stone.

1.4. Megalithic

2. Metal Age

2.1. Copper

2.2. Bronze

2.2.1. Bronze came to Greece around 3000 BC and it didn't make a difference right away. The neolithic people continues to live here and uses bronze for tools. Bronze knives and swords was more easier to make and also sharper. But bronze was very expensive so only rich people could get them.

2.3. Iron

2.3.1. The Greece iron age also known as The Greece dark age, it's the period of time between the collapse of the Mycenaean civilisation around 1100 BC and the beginning of the Greek Archaic Period of 800 BC. The event that proceeded the start of the Iron Age was a catastrophic event where all the leading centers of the Mycenaean civilization were either destroyed or abandoned.

3. The meaning of prehistory period

3.1. Prehistory means the period before human civilizations developed and started writing things down. There are 3 periods, Stone age, Bronze age and metal.

4. Tools in Stone age

4.1. The tools are mostly for hunting such as Knives, fishhooks, knives, spears, scrapers and many more.

5. Tools in Metal age

5.1. The tools are pretty much the same but the difference is that they are sharper and the tools are made out of metal kinds.