Terms and procedure of Zakat, Infaq and Sedekah

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Terms and procedure of Zakat, Infaq and Sedekah by Mind Map: Terms and procedure of Zakat, Infaq and Sedekah

1. Zakat

1.1. Zakat has scheduled execution time

1.2. In order to execute Zakat we need to donate above the minimum amout

1.3. Zakat can be issued in various forms Depending in what zakat is to be done

1.4. Zakat could be done trough organizations and institutions

2. Infaq

2.1. Infaq could be given to everyone.

2.1.1. Parents

2.1.2. Grand parents

2.1.3. Masjid

2.1.4. Orphanage

2.1.5. etc.

2.2. Infaq could be given in every kind of object, but has to be the property that we have.

2.2.1. Money

2.2.2. Toys

2.2.3. Books

2.2.4. Clothes

2.2.5. Foods

2.2.6. etc.

2.3. Infaq is sunnah.

2.3.1. We have to be sincere in giving the infaq.

2.3.2. We better not to give infaq if we're not willing to, because that's okay if we don't do it.

2.4. Infaq could be given anytime and everywhere.

2.4.1. When we found infaq box in the masjid after sholat.

2.4.2. When we go shopping to a mini market and we found infaq box.

2.4.3. etc.

3. Sadaqah

3.1. 1. sadaqah is sunnah. which meant that it is done at our own willingness but we better to doing sadaqah.

3.2. 2. Sadaqah has no minimum limit on donating and has no maximum limit. so we can sadaqah everytime that you want.

3.3. 3. Sadaqah has no schedule on when to do it. So it has no laws or rules in doing sadaqah.

3.4. 4. sadaqah can be give to our parents to build a madrasa.