Schools Tour 2018

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Schools Tour 2018 by Mind Map: Schools Tour 2018

1. Practical:

1.1. Transport - equipment, Bands and tech team

1.1.1. bands transport, tech team transport and instrument/equipment transport to venue.

1.2. Job roles - planning, set-up, during the show, set-down

1.2.1. who will be responsible for what jobs on the day

1.3. Work sheet for student who want to help technical set up.

1.3.1. Helping out set up/ people choose instruments/job roles to stick too.

2. Technical:

2.1. PA System - Moving and setting up at venue

2.1.1. Desk/PA Speakers

2.2. Instruments - Taking artists instruments to the venue

2.2.1. artists responsible for their own instruments?

2.3. Mics and Cables to venue

2.3.1. including extras

2.4. Venue resources - plug sockets, lighting and stage

2.4.1. contact venues before hand or do site visits

2.5. Mic stands, Drum rug, cables

2.5.1. secondary items for set-up

3. Other Planning:

3.1. Promotion

3.2. Host

3.2.1. Performance?

3.3. Budget

3.3.1. covered by college or other funds needed?

4. Rehearsals

4.1. Organised during college hours before the tour starts.

5. Pre-Planning

5.1. Costs?

5.2. Dates?

5.3. Audience?

5.4. Objectives/Aims?