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What do you have? by Mind Map: What do you have?

1. I know about the force

1.1. The forces are balanced

1.1.1. object is not moving

1.1.2. object is moving with a constant velocity

1.1.3. object has uniform motion

1.1.4. This is Newton's First Law (Also see 3rd Law)

1.2. The forces are not balanced

1.2.1. object has a net force

1.2.2. object is accelerating

1.2.3. object IS NOT CONSTANT or UNIFORM!!

1.2.4. This is Newton's Second Law

2. I know about the motion

2.1. The object is not moving

2.1.1. Net force is ZERO

2.1.2. Forces are balanced

2.1.3. This is uniform motion still

2.2. The object is moving with a constant velocity

2.2.1. Net force is ZERO

2.2.2. Forces are balanced

2.2.3. This is uniform motion

2.3. The object is accelerating

2.3.1. Forces are NOT balanced

2.3.2. Net force is greater than zero

2.3.3. This is not uniform motion

3. The forces are described in matching pairs

3.1. Are the objects separated or going to be separated?

3.1.1. Yes forces will cause change in motion forces of same magnitude forces in different directions objects will change their motion with respect to each other

3.1.2. No the forces will counter each other forces of same magnitude forces of different direction objects will not change their motion

3.2. This is Newton's Third Law