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Law by Mind Map: Law

1. legislative initiative

1.1. The right of legislative initiative

1.1.1. President of the Republic, members of Parliament, Government The draft and the wording of the law is developed and adopted at the initial stage of the Majilis.

2. Discussion of the draft law

2.1. consideration of the bill by the Senate

2.1.1. considered no more than sixty days Rejected by the Senate, the draft is returned to the Majilis. If the Mazhilis by a two-thirds majority of the total number of deputies again approves the draft, it is submitted to the Senate for re-discussion and voting. The bill passed by the Senate becomes law submitted to the President for signature

3. approval of the law

3.1. within ten days it is submitted to the President for signature

3.2. Conducts repeated discussion and voting on the laws or articles of the law that caused objections of the President of the Republic, within one month from the date of objections

3.2.1. If the Majilis and the Senate confirm the previous decision by a two-thirds majority of the total number of deputies of each of the Chambers, the President signs the law within one month.

3.2.2. If the President's objections are not overcome by at least one of the Chambers, the law is considered to be rejected or adopted in the wording proposed by the President.

4. publication and entry into force

4.1. The laws of the Republic shall enter into force upon signature by the President of the Republic.

4.1.1. Then the signed law is promulgated and published in the press.