France Prehistoric period

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France Prehistoric period by Mind Map: France Prehistoric period

1. mesolithic

1.1. Tools that they use

1.1.1. they use barbs for arrow and harpoons and many others tool. such as needles and pins, fish-hook and fish spare with several. i think the pins and the needles is for sewing , the fish hook and the fish spare is for hunting a fish and the arrow and harpoons is for hunting an animal

1.2. it's been 8000 B.C to AD 2700

1.3. what do they eat?

1.3.1. they eat fish, deer, nut and fruits

1.4. what cloths do they use?

1.4.1. they use animal skin for their cloths and shoes

2. paleolithic

2.1. paleolithic or old stone age was from 2.6 or 2.5 ago or 10 B.C.E



2.2.2. oldowan chopper

2.3. they believe in spirit

2.4. they use wood for the shelter

3. neolithic

3.1. in this period they live in a small family (6-12 people) they hunt a animal to get a food, to do that they use sharp thing's.

3.2. the earliest modern people was 43.000 years ago

3.3. people was bringing art stuff such as painting.

4. Cro-Magnons

4.1. Cro-Magnons it's actually 45.000 years ago and it was the last cold period

4.2. for thousands of years, cro-magnons lived alongside with neandethals

4.3. Between around 27.000-14.000 years ago, cro-magnons created the world's oldest art. best known as the spectakular cave painting of wild animals.