England prehistoric period

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England prehistoric period by Mind Map: England prehistoric period

1. Stone Age

1.1. The stone age lasted 2,5000 BC. At the stone age, people used to live in caves and they communicate using drawings. They drew on the cave like on the walls. Stone age is the earliest period of humans, it has different time ranges and for different, it's characterize by the use of stone age tools; The transition to bronze age tools didn't happen at the same time for all civilizations.

2. Ice Age

2.1. The ice age lasted 10.000 years ago, because of the north sea began to rise, because it's already pretty hot and little bit of global warming. A lot people say that it's not really a ice age, it's little ice age. Little ice age is a period of cooling and sometimes later it will be warm, than hot.

3. 2. Neolithic age

3.1. Neolithic age is the that everyone is starting to stop living in caves. They had developed a lot more ideas to build homes. But some of the people still live in caves because half of them don't have much idea. They are starting to stop drawing on caves and make their own language "English". England is starting to be peace and the peoples are developing, no war, no conflict, no more drawings.

4. 4. Cooper age

4.1. England's last master cooper seeks apprentice Making beer barrels may be too tough for internet generation, says veteran trying to keep trade alive

5. 1. Paleolithicum

5.1. is an age that has the development of stone tools. This era covers about 95% of prehistoric human technology

6. 3. Megalithic

6.1. Stonehenge is a rock that is in Wiltshire. 2 miles and 3km, it has a ring of a standing stone. Each stone has around 13 feet, 4.0 m high, 7 feet 2.1 m, wide and weighing around 25 tons.

7. Metal age

7.1. In metal age, was a period when humans are staring to use iron, and it's also followed by the bronze age They use iron for making weapons and more. The Iron Age started between 1200 B.C. and 600 B.C.

8. 5. Bronze age

8.1. Bronze Age Britain is an era of British history that spanned from c. 2500 until c. 800 BC.