Poland Prehistoric Period

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Poland Prehistoric Period by Mind Map: Poland Prehistoric Period

1. Stone Age

1.1. Paleolithic

1.1.1. The paleolithic age in Poland started at 500.000 BC to 8.000 BC. At that time, they hunt animals using primitive tools at the below of the San River where they caught / hunt bones of large mammals and fishes.

1.2. Mesolithic

1.2.1. The Mesolithic age in Poland started at 9000 BCE to 5500 BCE. The Mesolithic period is the period where farmer first arrive from the Danube River and they also discover plants from the nature. Since temperature rises throughout the periods, people started to make different strategies for hunting animals and gain resources like traps. Men is the one who hunts animals and women is the one who gather resources such as honey, nuts, bird eggs, and more. The people evolve more and discover new materials until now.

1.3. Neolithic

1.3.1. The tactics of farming has evolve. People there in Poland can now easily gain foods. Wheat is hard to find at that time because they oftenly burn the forests which brings a huge impact to the place. Animals like sheeps, cattles and goats was numerous at the northern flatlands where the lands is less fertile.

2. Metal Age

2.1. Copper Age

2.1.1. Copper was introduced which is a very effective materials for tools at that age since because weather changes ( climate change ). The climate change has changed the people in the neolithic ages. Some tools are made of stones but it also have less iron since because iron haven't been introduced at that time in Poland

2.2. Bronze Age

2.2.1. Bronze materials and item was presented in Poland around 2300 BC. Tools and weapons has evolved more further. People has made technological advances such as writing system and the invention of wheels

2.3. Iron Age

2.3.1. Raw mterials was introduced which makes no immediate impact to their cultures. the introduction of iron defines the major change from the Bronze to the Iron Ages in Poland.

3. How they survive and live

3.1. They lived at campsites and gather materials bones of large mammals and other animals

4. What is prehistory period?

4.1. Prehistoric period is times where animals and humans live long ago until now. It is the evolution of the era from times to times

5. Poland has no Megalithicum period because it doesn't have any geological evidence