The knife that killed me

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The knife that killed me by Mind Map: The knife that killed me

1. Point of view

1.1. This story is told by Paul Varderman. He is the protagonist of the story.

2. Tense

2.1. The story is written in the past. Paul discribes what he has already been through.

3. Main characters

3.1. Protagonist

3.1.1. Paul Varderman

3.2. Antagonists

3.2.1. Roth (the bully, last name is not given)

3.3. Sidekicks/friends

3.3.1. Shane

3.3.2. Maddy

3.3.3. Miller (Roth's friend)

3.3.4. Bates (also Roth's friend)

4. Themes in the book

4.1. Drama

4.2. Murder

4.3. Bullying

4.4. High school

5. Symbols in the book

5.1. Metaphors

5.1.1. 'The knife' is a metaphor, I think they mean fate, but anything is possible. It's just based on how you see it.

5.2. Simile

5.2.1. Example: As fast as Roth (the antagonist), which means really fast.

5.3. Connotations

5.3.1. Tragedy: p102

5.3.2. Sarcasm: p11

5.3.3. Horrible: p117

6. Author

6.1. This book is written by Anthony McGowan.

7. Setting

7.1. High school