Sensor Components

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Sensor Components by Mind Map: Sensor Components

1. Input Device

1.1. A device that allows data to be entered into a computer system

2. Microprocessor

2.1. An integrated circuit used in monitoring and control technologies

3. Infrared

3.1. A wave of light emitted by an object that is invisible to the naked human eye

4. Piezoresistance

4.1. A specific level of electrical charge that is linked to a specific level of resistance or pressure

5. Photoresistor

5.1. A light controlled resistor

6. Sensor

6.1. Device that records data about the surrounding physical environment

7. Analogue

7.1. This is the smooth stream of data that we process on a daily basis

8. Actuator

8.1. This is a type of motor that controls a mechanism or system

9. Microwave

9.1. An electromagnetic wave of energy

10. Humidity

10.1. The amount of water in the atmosphere