Monitoring & Control

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Monitoring & Control by Mind Map: Monitoring & Control

1. Pressure Sensors

1.1. Piezoresistance: a specific level of electrical charge that is linked to a specific level of resistance or pressure

1.2. the vehicle industry

1.3. touch screens

2. Light Sensors

2.1. Photoresistor: a light controlled resistor

2.2. A computer system using sensors can operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, meaning that monitoring can be done on a continual basis. It can also remove the possibility of human error in the measurements.

3. Moisture and Humidity Sensors

3.1. Humidity: the amount of water in the atmosphere

3.2. wine cellars

3.3. controlling allergies

4. Motion Sensors

4.1. Infrared:a wave of light emitted by an object that is invisible to the naked human eye

4.2. Microwave: an electromagnetic wave of energy

4.3. opening and closing automatic doors

4.4. automated barriers in a car park

5. Temperature Sensors

5.1. monitor and measure the temperature of the environment, by measuring the heat present

5.2. washing machine and dishwasher

5.3. refrigerator and freezer

6. Sensors

6.1. Sensor: Is an input device, which allows data to be entered into a computer system, that records data about the surrounding physical environment.

6.2. Sensors can automatically enter data into a computer system. They can be very beneficial as it can increase the accuracy of the data by removing the possibility of human error.

6.3. Monitoring technologies use sensors to monitor an environment, to automatically control elements of a system, or a whole system, by using the data from them to trigger an action or event.

7. Monitoring and control systems have to follow a series of steps, where the data and the signals achieved from processing the data will have to be:

7.1. Analogue: this is the smooth stream of data that we process on a daily basis

7.2. Microprocessor: an integrated circuit used in monitoring and control technologies

7.3. Actuator: this is a type of motor that controls a mechanism or system