Blended Learning

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Blended Learning by Mind Map: Blended Learning

1. What do you know?

1.1. Everything Google

1.2. Google drive

1.2.1. I know I don't know enough about google classroom to be efficient at this time I don't know anything about Google Classroom

1.2.2. How to use various Google platforms

1.2.3. flipping the classroom gives the students more time in class to explore deeper learning.... not just take notes all class period

1.3. How to flip a classroon and do blended learning style

1.4. Blended learning is an education program that combines educational materials in the form of online digital media with traditional classroom methods.

1.5. hd

1.6. The ins and outs of google and google classroom

1.7. I know most stuff about Google and the like.

1.8. not much

1.9. I know that most students come without a charger or not fully charged. I am concerned that our school does not have a charger borrowing system in place.

1.10. Nothing

1.11. Blended learning is using both digital media and technology as well as traditional pen and paper activities in the classroom.

1.12. I understand how a flipped classroom works.

2. What do you want to know?

2.1. Platforms I can use that allow me to assess students in various ways (such as Kahoot)

2.1.1. When are we getting the chromebooks

2.2. How to use google classroom for assignments and how to get it to grade work for me.

2.2.1. For more practical ways to integrate tech in classroom. What is the best way to monitor each student's screen during class?

2.3. How are we going to monitor the Chromebooks for improper use?

2.3.1. How do we use Google classroom for classwork

2.4. What is the success rate of blended classrooms

2.5. How effective is incorporating blended learning?

2.6. What is it?

2.6.1. How can my kids practice the online staar test from their new chromebooks?

2.7. Not really sure. I know the basics of this blended stuff but as I receive more info, the more questions I may have.

2.8. The do not the why?

3. What action do you plan on taking?

3.1. For flipping I will give a video assignment followed up by classroom engagement assignments

3.2. using the chrome books to better access resources and merge into a more blended classroom

4. How do you want to find out about the topic?

4.1. Direct teach

4.2. More about google classroom

4.3. Mini-Lesson and Exploration - give a brief overview and then allow us to practice and discover

4.4. Just tell me.

4.5. Demonstrate

4.6. Work along with the demonstration

5. What did you learn?

5.1. The concept of pre-experience, experience and post-experience in the classroom process

5.2. I learned that to have an effective blended classroom will take a lot of prep time, but will (hopefully) have benefits for the students

5.3. Learned the different types of resources that I can use the reinforce Blended Learning

5.4. I learned that these apps are not user friendly

6. What questions do you still have?

6.1. Finding the best way to use these tools. I am in a spot where I am learning a new subject myself so how to utilize these tools to work best for me and my students.

6.2. Examples of activities I can use in my classroom with chromebooks and how to set that up.

6.3. How can I make is useful for the classroom without having to spend all of my free time putting it together?

7. Hands on

8. Hands on.... with lots of plan time.

9. Blended/Flipped Learning

10. I want to make a STAAR prep menu for my kids to use the week before the test.

11. What blended learning should look like and some ideas for using it in the classroom

12. I am wanting examples to know how to do some of these things online. I want to see and do, so that I know

13. can teachers share their hard work is planning?