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Prehistory in Iran by Mind Map: Prehistory in Iran

1. Stone Age

1.1. Paleolithic: The paleolithic age of iran is 2.5 million to 15,000 years ago. The human species in Iran is homo habilis, homo erectus and homo sapiens. All of the human species are from Africa and migrate to Iran. The materials for the paleolithic tools are from stones and animal bones. Like the world the hand axe is the first tool and it is just a sharpened rock and used for hunting. The tools affected them and create cultures. Tools made out of rock such as point is for hunting wild animals and scrappers are to scrape animal meat. Like the world the prehistoric people in the paleolithic age lived in caves. Some of the early people that are from Iran, lived in cliff dwellings which are structures in the side of a cliff. Homo erectus was the first human species who have discovered fire and cook their food.

1.2. Mesolithic: The mesolithic age in Iran started at 20.000 and 15.000 BC-11.500 BC. The evidence of the mesolithic age in Iran is in the Zagros Mountains. The tools like the world is more modified axes and fire is used more often. There is little information about the mesolithic age of Iran and more about the earth in mesolithic Iran.

1.3. Neolithic: The neolithic age in Iran is 10.000 BC-8.500 BC. Iran is one of the countries in the fertile crescent (the first place of the first farming.) The people started to domesticate dogs, cow, sheep, pig, goats, etc. They started fishing with nets and grow their own crops. They do pottery and sophisticated tools like sickle to cut the crops. They began to make instrument’s and have deities. Houses were made out of unbaked bricks. The irrigation system was used to get the water from the river. The tools are blades, hammers, spears, arrows, chisels, axes, etc. Writing was using weird pictures and use clay tablets for paper and use sharp things to make the "words". Then there baked.

1.4. Megalithic: The megalithic age in Iran is mostly giant buildings and caves. Cave of karafu, Taq-e Bostan (a building), Shushtar Watermills (a water network), Kandovan (cliff structures), Naqsh-e Rustam (tall building), etc. I didn’t get to much information of the megalithic age of Iran and it shows more prehistoric landmarks than other things.

2. Metal Age

2.1. Copper Age: In the beginning of the copper age it was the beginning of the Persian Empire. Back then the Persian Empire was still small and not that powerful. The copper age of Iran have many copper tools like axes, swords and screws and many other tools. The copper age of Iran is also filled with many pottery. The copper age of Iran is short and it is mainly all about the treasures and tools. In the copper age there were many first cities.

2.2. Bronze Age: The bronze age in Iran is 3400-1300 B.C. The bronze age is when the people learn how to mix tin with copper creates some bronze. The bronze is stronger so that is why empires grew stronger. The persian empire was rising in the bronze age. The tools are soap, rope, umbrella, locks, Kites, Carp's Tongue Sword, Socketed axe, Sickle sword, etc. Ancient religions are founded like zoroastrianism which is founded by the persian prophet Zoroaster.

2.3. Iron Age: In the iron age the persian empire was mighty and conquered part of Greece but sadly ended by Alexander the great in 330 BC. The persian empire were ruled by great king like Cyrus the great who conquered part of Greece. Darius III was the last king of the persians. The weapons are now like the modern weapons (swords and axes.) Alexander the great ended the Persian Empire but he was actually fascinated by the persian and wants to mix Greek and Persian art.

3. The Meaning of Prehistory:

3.1. Prehistory was a time when it is before written records. We can study the prehistoric age because of the tools and fossils.

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