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Mongolia Prehistoric Age by Mind Map: Mongolia Prehistoric Age

1. The Stone Age

1.1. Paleothic

1.1.1. The Palaeolithic Period is the period where humans start to show cultural distribution in technology evolution as the humans/homos started to make tools using stone. However at this period people still seeks for more knowledge as we now know as the"Basic Knowledge" because this period was placed around 2 million years ago.

1.1.2. The Palaeolithic period in Mongolia started in around 2.3 until 10,000 years. The timeline is divided into a total of 3 Palaeolithic which is the Lower Palaeolithic, Middle Palaeolithic and the Upper Palaeolithic. It was said by the mitochondrial (DNA) population genetics study that homos has been spread throughout East Africa, to Eastward and finally East Asia around 4 millennium years ago. It was studied by archaeological study that Mongolia have been civilised for over than 800,000 years ago. The Tsagaan Agyi was the first found relationship or evidence of Mongolia with the lower Palaeolithic time, the information that were gathered is about the vegetation and and evidence of homos lifestyle. The Ice Age happened in about the middle Palaeolithic time and Mongolia has a variety of times in this period. This time happened around 300,000 until 30,000 years The most studied places and evidence about this period was Orhon at Harhorin, Uvur-Hangai, Argalant and Orog Nuur at Bogd, Bayan-Hongor, and Hoid Tsenheriin Agyi at Manhan, Hovd. The final stage is Upper Palaeolithic and also the last period of the ice age. Mongolia has a variety artifacts that csn be relate to this period. You can find large animals bone such as wild horses and cows. According to Social Anthropology the main difference of this period is the appearance of three different types of homos. In addition this period is filled with females and have many female stone artifacts found from Europe and Asia.

1.2. Mesolithic

1.2.1. The Mesolithic is apart of the Stone Age Period after the Palaeolithic Period and before The Neolithic Period. This period focuses more about the migration side. In Mongolia the Mesolithic was the end of Ice age and beginning of our current earth life. All prehistoric animal have died, rain deers migrated to north, many animals and humans migrated to south. Around that time Humans from Central Asia also migrated to North and South America.

1.2.2. In Mongolia the Mesolithic period happened for around 15,000-7,000 years. The Mesolithic was the end of Ice age and beginning of our current earth life. All prehistoric animal have died, rain deers has moved to north, many animals and homos had moved to south. Around that time Homos from Central Asia also had moved away to North and South America. Artifacts from Mesolithic period had shown that wild animals have been tamed around this time. The Moojoon Stone Pictures from Sagil, Uvs prove is one of the most studies place that can be found in Mongolia.

1.3. Neolithic

1.3.1. The End of the Neolithic. In the time of the Neolithic era, copper metallurgy is made, which marks a change of period to the Bronze Age, sometimes said as the Chalcolithic or Eneolithic Era.

1.3.2. In Neolithic period homos become much more settled. People from this time learned to use clay pots, planting wheat and making more modified stone tools. Mongolia has hundreds of archeological places and evidences related to this period. The biggest site is Zuuhnii neolithic Root located at Bayanlig, Bayan-Hongor province, From the said period area science found 8,567 items including stone knife, stone hunting utilities, wheat processing utilities, clay items, along with 22 kinds of animal bones.

1.4. Megalithic

1.4.1. Megalithic focuses on the end of the Stone Period and also has the modified kind of stone tools in the Stone Period

1.4.2. Mongolia doesn't have any Megalithic Period because same as Indonesia the mongols evolves faster.

2. Source

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3. The Metal Age

3.1. Copper Age

3.1.1. The Copper Age, was a period of change from the stone tool in the Neolithic Period to the a civilizations that uses metal tools in the Copper Age. The Copper Age was an event in the eastern Mediterranean regions, and happened in about 3500 to 2300 BCE.

3.1.2. The Copper Age happened in around 6,000 to 4,000 years. Homos first used copper as the first type of the metal line as easy to get. In history there is a small period that belongs to the Copper Age. Prehistoric Mongols also is in this timeline. You can find many artifacts that is connected to this period from Mania, Umune-Gobi. The population in the Copper Age has been said as paleomongolid in the east that is now known to be Mongolia, while in the west it is known as europid.

3.2. Bronze Age

3.2.1. Bronze Age is apart of the Metal Age timeline. Bronze Age is most commonly known as the period where homos started using bronze instead of copper

3.2.2. In Mongolia Bronze Age happened in around 6,000 to 3,000 years. Recent Archeological study that was done in central Mongolia, scientists found an prehistoric bronze helmets, two shaped bronze mirror for homos bronze and bone sharp objects. The Bronze helmet is found from Egiin Gol located at Hutran-Undur, Bulgan province. Some artifacts found from this place can also be found to be for human settling. In example the bone items found from Egiin Gol could be made from 10-9 BC because of how it is made and also the components. There are around 700 Bronze era at Deer Monument across Euro-Asia, The said Monuments are about 1-4 meter tall and have a drawing of deers, horses and others.

3.3. Iron Age

3.3.1. The Iron Age is the last period in the Metal Age timeline. Iron Age is known to be the transition from copper tools to iron tools

3.3.2. Mongolia had the Iron Age in around 8th until 3rd BC. In the near end of the Iron age, male dominated since civilization use military and was an important part of their lives. Many monument and artifacts found in this time is mostly related to male heroes and military. As archeological study become more upgraded and we can now search deeper into our past history. Although Mongolians have alot of studies done in prehistoric homos, the Prehistoric places in Mongolia is one of the lesser studied places in earth prehistoric place and artifacts. And recently people around the world have been studying the places, artifacts and evidences and also doing some scientific studies.