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ZED by Mind Map: ZED

1. A4: Waste Management

2. A5: Safe working environment

3. C1: Swachh Workplace

4. C2: Daily Works management

5. C4: Process Control

6. E2: Timely delivery

7. F2: Systems for abatement of effluent,emission and wastes.

8. F3: Systems for energy efficiency

9. F4:Systems for natural resources conservation

10. K3:Material handling system

11. L1: People development plan

12. O1: Outgoing Quality performance level

13. O2:In process Quality performance level

14. O3:Field performance level

15. P2:scrap

16. Q1:Optimal use of natural resources

17. Q2: Energy performance

18. Q3: Environmental performance,Air/Effluent,Solid waste

19. R2:Operating Profit/ % improvement

20. B1: Process Validation

21. E3:Customer education for product usage maintenance and service

22. E4:customer service

23. H1: Planned maintanence of environmental management system

24. K1:plant layout

25. K2:Material management

26. L2:Employee involvement activity

27. P1:Total employee involvement

28. R1:Turnover growth