Self service BI

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Self service BI by Mind Map: Self service BI

1. Implementation

1.1. Trainings

1.2. User involvement

1.3. Data lab (DataOPS)

1.4. Show the benefits of DW

1.5. Thinking about temporary solutions

2. Benefits

2.1. How DW helps the org

2.2. Attract people to use DW

2.3. Transparency in the organisation

2.4. Clean data and control of the data

3. Goal

3.1. Long term

3.1.1. Only using the DW

3.2. Short term

3.2.1. Temporary datalab / data ops

4. Risk

4.1. Costly

4.2. time consuming

4.3. Risk of the department for BI having issues (change in working etc)

5. The overall problem

5.1. Users does not use DW in DB

5.2. Nature to resist

5.3. Hard to adapt

5.4. Shadow data (external sources)