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The allied response to the spring offensive by Mind Map: The allied response to the spring offensive
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The allied response to the spring offensive

American entrance in WW1

Americans had a strong and different mentaility

Whilst the Germans starved, the Americans allowed the allies to global monopolies in food and other war resoureces

200000 troops arrived every month replacing tired allied soldiers

Unity amongst the allied forces

the allied forces appointed Foch as the sole leader emphasizing on unity

General Foch also believed that unity was important and the consequences of not doing so

Strategy/tactical factors

The allied tanks were used to push back Germans dramatically

During September, Foch utilised co-ordinated, simultaneous attacks exhausting the Germans

Foch able to position troops in strategic locations so as to apply pressure equally along the Western Front

Secret preparation of battle of AMiens- artillery, air, infantry, tanks etc. Allied indutrial might couldn't be matched by struggling Germans

Key battles

Battle of Amiens 8-11 August 1918 was probably the key battle of the counter offensive. Germans were pushed back non-stop

Battle of Soissons 18th-22th of July 1918. Most of the territory lost in the Spring offensive, re-won by French