¿environmental problems in colombia?

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¿environmental problems in colombia? by Mind Map: ¿environmental problems in colombia?

1. ¿What can we do to solve these problems? R/We as young people can provide a solution from our perspective by doing campaigns by collecting and not throwing garbage on the ground to avoid contamination

2. ¿main problems? atmospheric pollution or high deforestation, continue to generate high costs in terms of health and deterioration of environmental resources.

3. ¿atmospheric pollution ?In Colombia, this type of pollution is caused mainly by industries, burning agricultural materials and car pollutants.

4. ¿Trash? These sanitary landfills are obvious social problems and pollution that are generated, affecting communities that must coexist daily with bad smells and diseases.

5. ¿Illegal minery? The problem is that illegal activity is causing 46% of the ecological damage in the jungle of Chocó, the main lung of the country

6. Diego Hormechea