Yemen's Sociocultural and Economic Growth

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Yemen's Sociocultural and Economic Growth by Mind Map: Yemen's Sociocultural and Economic Growth

1. Educational Organization From Northern European Countries

1.1. Send groups of volunteers and teacher leaders

1.1.1. Rebuild Schools Help rebuild schools and classrooms Provide basic school equipment

1.1.2. Motivate Students Assist with students' needs to continue their education School supplies for each students to help them focus on education outside of school hours

1.1.3. Assist Educators Provide educated and experienced opinions Provide teaching workshops to better education methods and approaches

2. Doctors Without Borders From United States of America and Canada

2.1. Free clinics

2.1.1. Immunizations and medicine

2.2. Citizens living with chronic diseases

2.2.1. Medical technology and medication

3. Agricultural Organization From Brazil, Colombia, China and Turkey

3.1. Refocus on traditional and beneficial farming

3.1.1. Regrowing Coffee Beans Creates multiple jobs Decrease farming illegal drugs Increase the nation's monetary benefits- through exporting to countries around the world

4. Tourism Rebuilding Organization From France, Spain, and United Emirates

4.1. Fix and renovate vocational locations

4.1.1. Open up more jobs Helps Yemenis families

4.1.2. Bring in tourist Increases the country's budget