Environmental problems in colombia

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Environmental problems in colombia by Mind Map: Environmental problems in colombia

1. The environmental deterioration in Colombia increases day by day despite the efforts of the government and national and international organizations that struggle to counteract the negative effects of human intervention on ecosystems. The detriment of the quality of life is a consequence of various factors such as the excessive growth of cities, air pollution, soil degradation, extraction of mining resources, extensive agricultural operations, among others, that affect the entire population.

2. Some Problems:

2.1. Atmospheric Pollution: Gas emissions from transport and industry generate critical problems, especially in the Bogotá-Soacha, Cali- Yumbo, Medellín-Valle de Aburrá corridors. Every year about 6,000 people die due to air pollution.

2.2. Disorderly urban growth: The deterioration of the quality of life is a consequence of informal urbanization and affects the entire urban population, although this type of housing tends to concentrate on the periphery of cities.

2.3. Solid waste: Nearly 30% of waste produced by more than half of the country's municipalities goes to open dumps; a person in Colombia generates 0.71 kilos of waste per day, of which 70% are organic materials.

2.4. Soil degradation: Erosion, salinization and deforestation are the three main problems in the country in soil degradation.

3. Environmental problems caused by mining: In the geological field, topographic and geomorphological changes occur due to the removal of the superficial layers of the land. The instability of the land leaving the rock formations exposed, can cause the triggering of erosive phenomena and In the biological field, the impact on natural forests and water pollution cause the loss of resources and endangered species.

4. Deforestation In its order of importance, the main causes of deforestation in Colombia are: the expansion of the agricultural frontier, colonization, construction of roads, the construction of mining and hydroelectric infrastructure, as well as the effects that cause oil exploration and exploitation, illicit crops, the consumption of firewood, forest fires, and the production of wood for commercial purposes.

5. Causes of loss of moorland Destruction of the vegetation cover and fragmentation of habitats. Inadequate use of wild species. Introduction of exotic species. Inadequate potato and grass production systems. Extensive grazing and burning. Ice exploitation and drying of wetlands. Hunting. Inadequate road infrastructure; small mining; and inadequate disposal of solid waste. Tourism without control. Concentration of the population. Climate change.

6. What can we do to solve these problems? Human beings are the being that causes the most problems in nature, since we destroy them so that they arrive. We destroy areas to obtain houses, hotels and public places ... etc., but we are not consistent with the damage we cause to plants, trees, flowers and animals. Like the damage we are doing to ourselves, because nature gives us life, we breathe thanks to plants. and we can solve it by not abusing the environment so much or doing things artificially without destroying it.

7. Miguel Perez - Deivis Perez