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Energy by Mind Map: Energy

1. Outcome

1.1. Be able to differentiate potential and kinetic energy

1.2. Be able to give examples of different type of energy

1.3. Know the units for energy and convert between them

2. Learning Theory

2.1. Adult Learning Theory

3. Technology

3.1. Youtube

3.2. Padlet

3.3. Webcam

3.4. OfficeMix

4. Learning Challenge

4.1. Students usuallyhave difficulty in understanding different types of energy.

4.2. Students usually get confuse about potential and kinetic energy.

4.3. Students always mix energy unit Calories with calories.

5. Limitations

5.1. Students need to create account for Padlet

5.2. Video need to be captioned

6. Strategy

6.1. PowerPoint lecture with narration.

6.2. Discussion questions about types of energy.

6.3. Discussion about energy in different units in food.