The 12 Lesson Learned from Steve Job

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The 12 Lesson Learned from Steve Job by Mind Map: The 12 Lesson Learned from Steve Job

1. (4) Biggest challenges beget the best work in people

1.1. Great expectations of the team

2. (1) "Experts" are clueless

2.1. Temptation to default to older people

2.2. The expert are often wrong

2.3. Expert defined things within establish limit

2.4. Bozosity

2.4.1. Break the limit

2.4.2. Something that can be inoculated to

2.4.3. You need to learn to ignore experts

3. (12)Some things need to be believed to be seen

3.1. Opposite way about to be seen to be believed if you want change the world

3.2. You have to believe in your product or service; then, get it out there

4. (2) Customer can't tell you what they need

4.1. They could tell you that "I want bigger, cheaper status quo"

4.2. Can't ask them about a revolution

4.3. They can only define things in terms of products or services that they already have.

5. (3) Jump to the next curve

5.1. It's about major breakthrough, not stay on the same curve.

5.2. Don't build a better product or service, jump to the next vision

6. (5) Design Count

6.1. Truly care about design

7. (11)Real entrepreneurs ship

7.1. The product wasn't perfect every time, but it was always great enough to go

7.2. shipping and achieving worldwide domination of existing markets or creation of new markets.

8. (6) For presentation, use big graphics and big fonts

8.1. You would be better than 9/10 of the presentation in the world..

8.2. Big Graphics

8.2.1. That you can't put a lot of text in a presentation

8.3. Big Fonts

9. (8) Value is not the same as price

9.1. value incorporates other qualities

9.2. Coolness

9.3. Ease of use

9.4. Ease of training

9.5. Ease of translation

9.6. Ease of adaptation

9.7. Ease of adoption

10. (9) A players hire A+ players

10.1. A players hire people better than them

11. (7) Challenge Mind is a sign of intelligent

11.1. Change in response to how customers actually;

11.1.1. Consider you

11.1.2. Treat you

11.1.3. Accept you

11.2. Its a sign of intelligent

11.2.1. Let to success

12. (10) Real CEOs can do demos.

12.1. The CEO can do the demo