Influence of Mobility

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Influence of Mobility by Mind Map: Influence of Mobility

1. Cinematography

1.1. Different trends

1.1.1. Movies about famous wars

1.1.2. American movies

1.1.3. Movies about cultural shocks

1.1.4. Bollywood

1.2. Influence on culture globally

1.2.1. Series watched widely in different continents

1.2.2. Influence of 'Stars'

2. Art

2.1. Music

2.1.1. In a purely physical mobility sense: music can help to move

2.1.2. Music genders influenced by mobility By social mobility By geographical mobility Spread of American rap, influence on French and Italian rap Influence of Spanish songs for romance/dance But music is also a way to upward mobility eg. Drake

2.2. Literature

2.3. Painting

2.3.1. Different trends in each country Japon Egypt England

2.3.2. Rise of Impressionism only because painters could now paint outside and people could travel, therefore the reality wasn't what was being looked for

2.3.3. Mobility changes the world's culture, making it more mixed, as it is represented in art

2.4. Danse, still very local

2.4.1. Russian Ballet

2.4.2. Cambodia

3. Philosophy

3.1. Some personal factors that affect mobility

3.1.1. - motivation - education - achievements & failures - training

3.2. How philosophy has changed because of mobility

3.2.1. Theories that people have to move to get to know themselves

3.2.2. Need to understand other cultures to realize your own culture

3.3. The evolution of the mindset about mobility

3.3.1. moving is dangerous and stressful

3.3.2. moving opens doors to a better quality of life and to new experiences

3.3.3. moving is a luxury that the Earth can no longer provide; the movement of others (tourists, migrants) is a problem for us

3.4. The spread of philosophy has shaped a big part of our political systems

3.4.1. Plato & Artistote: critics of democracy

3.4.2. Socrates & Aristote: Aristocracy ruled by philosopher-kings

3.4.3. Importance of judiciary system

4. Geography

4.1. Topical issue: the Caravan from Honduras

4.2. Migrations before 1800

4.2.1. Religious: Pilgrimages / need to escape for persecuted religions eg. Huguenots

4.2.2. Slavery

4.2.3. Trade

4.3. Migrations from 1800 to 1900

4.3.1. Migrations to the New World

4.3.2. Colonies

4.4. Migrations from 1900 until WW1

4.4.1. The American Dream

4.4.2. Growth of international commerce

4.5. Migrations from WW1 until today

4.5.1. Political and war refugees

4.5.2. Immigration from poor countries to richer countries eg. Mexico to USA

4.5.3. Brain drain

4.6. The new mentality about geographical mobility

4.6.1. Need to care about CO2 emissions implied in travels

4.6.2. Countries are becoming more protectionists and close the borders more

4.6.3. Positive effect on business, more competition and opportunities

5. Linguistics

5.1. Dominance of English in the world

5.2. International language to facilitate exchanges: Esperanto

5.3. Multilingualism

5.3.1. 13% of the world population is trilingual

5.3.2. 56% of the world population speaks fluently at least 2 languages

5.3.3. 3% of the world population speaks fluently 4 languages