Linking words

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Linking words by Mind Map: Linking words

1. at first Husam thought something was wrong with the road then he realised he had a flat tyre.

2. As soon as

2.1. When we use it ?

2.1.1. Use when and as soon as with the past simple to include two past actions that happened one after the other.

2.2. Example:

2.2.1. As soon as I got home, I made myself a cup of tea

2.2.2. When Adam saw the house, he knew he wanted to buy it.

3. When we use it ?

3.1. Use at first ,then, and finally to indicate the sequence of events that happened one after the other.

4. While

4.1. When we use it ?

4.1.1. Use while with the past progressive to indicate the longer of two actions which happened in the past.

4.2. Example:

4.2.1. While I was walking home from work, I heard some people shouting, ‘Get out of the way!’

5. First, then , finally

5.1. Example:

5.1.1. The telephone was ringing for a long time and finally , somebody answered it.

6. After a while

6.1. When we use it ?

6.1.1. After a while to refer to an event that happened after some time had passed

6.2. Example:

6.2.1. After a while , the car slowed down and , finally, it came to a stop when I crashed it into a big tree

7. Rana Fahad Teef raja Badriah munif Fay Alogaiel Saja Alogaiel Aseel Alogaiel