3D Leadership for Teams

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3D Leadership for Teams by Mind Map: 3D Leadership for Teams

1. Dare to Dream

1.1. Vision, Courage, Grit and Growth Mindset

1.1.1. Be aware of what drives you. What are your hopes, dream, mission, or calling? If you could do anything and couldn't fail, what would you do? And when you fail, will you learn from it and get back up?

1.1.2. What are your present growth goals for you and your team? What are your challenges keeping you from getting to your goals? Do you have a coach, mentor and mastermind support group?

1.1.3. What is your growth and self awareness plan? The 5 Colors of Growth Black - Seed Brown - Soil Blue - Water Yellow - Light Green - Growth

2. Develop a Team

2.1. Prioritize, Recruit & Buy In.

2.1.1. In regard to your dream, put every task into four categories, a circle of responsibility (COR). Think Sniper Target

2.1.2. Take each category in the COR, and name them. If just beginning, name them what the function is.

2.1.3. Take each of those Big 4 COR and break them down to the Final 16, four or less categories under each Big 4.

2.1.4. Recruit individuals who could either do a task or could possibly work into leading the entire circle. Create a simple sign up process. Prioritize COR according to your biggest need and keep these in your awareness. Brainstorm where you might find these individuals. Identify individuals who could do the task(s) or potentially lead one or more of the COR. Create an interview process with appropriate interview questions Listen for the volunteers motives Tie your position request to THEIR "why" ("Buy In" begins here.) Give a few options so they can choose Consider a simple personality assessment to help you understand the individual better.

3. Delegate Don't Dump

3.1. Clarity, Consistency, & Leadership

3.1.1. Write a recipe or detailed documented process (DP) or checklist for those COR. Think into the details and intuitive steps you do with out thinking about it. Illustration - Wake to Work Process.

3.1.2. Create an on-boarding process. Include: Overall purpose, mission, vision, values, critical knowledge, relationships, expectations (Example - What to do if volunteer can't make it for some reason?)

3.1.3. SHOW the potential leader how to do the COR using a DP. Let the volunteer experience and participate in the learning process wherever possible. Example - Don't tell them how to sign in, have them sign in while you explain it and while the DP is in their hand. Create a culture of growth with questions. What went well? What didn't go well? What could be improved on the process? Fix and improve processes not people. Welcome them into appropriate team meetings. Give an opportunity for questions. Ask how you can help them accomplish THEIR goals and "Why". Come back to this regularly.

3.1.4. Create a regular appropriate "Check in" (Meeting) with appropriate tension and reasons. *Death by Meeting Daily - Quick Group or Individual "Check in" Weekly or Monthly - Tactical Meeting Activities, Milestones, Goals and Challenges. Park Strategic Talk Quarterly - Strategic Meeting 1 or 2 challenges affecting the fate of the world, your world Yearly Review Meeting Horizon and Landscape, Review Up and Coming Leaders, Team and Leadership Development