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French Revolution by Mind Map: French Revolution

1. Causes

2. Effects

3. -The influence of enlightenment

4. -The economic crisis(court's excessive spending)

5. -The social crisis

6. -The political crisis(Louis XVI governed France as an absolute monarch).

7. The nobility and clergy refused and demanded that the king call the Estates General.

8. The privileged Estates were able to maintain their income, but the Third Estate suffered from rising taxes, since they were only state that paid taxes.

9. They demanded that all French subjects be free and equal before the law.

10. This was because of court's excessive spending on parties, places and other luxuries.

11. Fall of the Ancient Régime

12. Political changes

13. Economic changes

14. Social changes

15. -Other forms of government , such as the constitutional monarchy and the republic.

16. -Constitutions based on popular sovereignty were adopted.

17. -Political parties began to appear.

18. -The Decalration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen.

19. -All citizens now had to pay tax. -The law guaranteed free trade and respect for private property.

20. -Everyone was now equal before the law . -The bourgeoisie could now participate in politics.