To be, or not to be an Entrepreneur

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To be, or not to be an Entrepreneur by Mind Map: To be, or not to be an Entrepreneur

1. Practicality

1.1. Planning

1.1.1. SWOT Strengths Weaknesses Opportunity Threats

1.1.2. Financial Experience with budgets, goals, and multiple transactions

1.1.3. Marketing

1.2. Decision Making

1.2.1. Indecisive

1.2.2. Works well under pressure

1.3. Goal Setting

1.3.1. Extensive Experience goal planning

2. Personal

2.1. Desire

2.2. Initiative

2.3. Optimism

2.3.1. Confidence will radiate through a business owner

2.3.2. Being optimistic can help set the path for a successful business

2.4. Vision/Creativity

2.4.1. Differentiate from other businesses

3. Market Conditions

3.1. Demand

3.1.1. Is there a need for this business in the current market?

3.2. Risk

3.2.1. A weakness is lack of risk taking

3.3. Economic Conditions

3.3.1. Current trends, state of economy

4. Interpersonal

4.1. Ethics/Integrity

4.2. Listening/Communication

4.3. Negotiation

4.4. Leadership

4.4.1. Extensive Experience

4.4.2. Enjoys leading and helping others grow

4.4.3. Passion