Classification of IoT attacks

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Classification of IoT attacks by Mind Map: Classification of IoT attacks

1. Researcher Andrea

1.1. Physical

1.1.1. Attacks Attacker is close distance of the device.

1.1.2. Solution Use secure booting by application of cryptographic hash algorithms and digital signature to verify authentication and integrity of software Additional solution is to carry an error detection system and having all information encrypted.

1.2. Network

1.2.1. Attacks Manipulating IoT network system to create damage

1.2.2. Solution Authentication mechanisms and point-t0-point encryption to be ensure data privacy and rooting security.

1.3. Software

1.3.1. Attacks When IoT applications present security vulnerabilities, allows attacker to seize the opportunity and harm the system.

1.3.2. Solution Means of authentication,encryption and integrity verification allowing authorized users to access data through control lists and firewalls.

1.4. Encryption

1.4.1. Attacks By breaking the system encryption