Learning to Read

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Learning to Read by Mind Map: Learning to Read

1. phonological awareness

1.1. awareness of sounds

1.2. blend two words into a compound

1.3. blend one syllable words from an auditory prompt

1.4. recognize and distinguish between similar sounds

1.5. segment one syllable words

1.6. isolate the initial sound

1.7. change the initial sound to create new words

1.8. isolate the final sound

1.9. change the final sound to make new words

1.10. isolate the medial vowel sound

1.11. blend 2 syllable words

1.12. rhyme one-syllable words

2. Oral Language

2.1. Phonological skills

2.1.1. learn about phonemes

2.2. pragmatics

2.3. Syntax

2.4. Morphological skills

2.5. vocabulary

3. Phonics

3.1. Letter - sound relationship

3.2. explicit with frequent opportunities for students to apply what they learn