Multifamily Investing by Grow Rich Capital

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Multifamily Investing by Grow Rich Capital by Mind Map: Multifamily Investing by Grow Rich Capital

1. Building Team

1.1. Find Core Real Estate team members

1.2. Hire a Mentor or Consultant

2. Active Investor(GP)

3. Passive Investor(LP)

3.1. How to Find Passive Investors

3.1.1. Build a thaught Leadership Platform

3.1.2. Participate on BiggerPockets

3.1.3. Attend or startup meetups

3.1.4. Volunteer at Meetups

3.1.5. Build Personal Connections

3.2. Courting Process

3.2.1. What is your real estate background

3.2.2. Your investment Goals

3.3. Hey I Object

3.3.1. Tier1

3.3.2. Tier 2

3.3.3. Tier 3

3.3.4. Tier 4

3.4. Types of Investors

3.4.1. Equity Investors

3.4.2. Debt Investors

4. Joint Venture

5. Syndication

5.1. Experience

5.1.1. Knowledge What is an apartment syndication How to get Started What to focus on

5.1.2. Goals How do you make money Set 12 months Goals and long term vision Ultimate Success formula

5.1.3. Brand Building Why do you need a brand Select a target audience How to build a brand

5.1.4. Market Evaluation 3 immutable laws of Real Estate Evaluate seven markets Pick 1 or 2 markets

5.2. Money

5.2.1. Find Capital Why Will they Invest Build Passive Investor Database Create a partnership Structure

5.2.2. Build Team Find Core Real Estate Team members Hire a mentor or a consultant

5.3. Deal

5.3.1. Find Deals Set up Investment Criteria On Market or Off Market deals How to find your best deals

5.3.2. Underwriting Information Needed to underwrite deals Rent Roll Trailing 12 6 step underwriting Process

5.3.3. Submit Offer How to submit an offer on a deal Best and the Final offer Purchase Sale agreement

5.4. Execution

5.4.1. Due Diligence 10 Due diligence Reports Secure Financing from Lender

5.4.2. Secure Capital Create Investment Summary New Investment offering Call Secure Investors Commitments

5.4.3. Close Deal Closing Process Notify the Investors

5.4.4. Execute Business Plan 10 asset management duties How to sell the apartment