Phuong Dang

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Phuong Dang by Mind Map: Phuong Dang

1. The Enlightenment & Scientific Revolution

1.1. Questioning the church

1.2. Galileo Galilei

1.3. Development of the scientific method

1.4. Mary Wollstonecraft spoke up for women's education

1.5. Thinkers meeting up in salons to discuss ideas

1.6. Thomas Hobbes vs. John Locke: What are natural human rights?

1.7. The American Revolution

1.8. Declaration of Independence

1.9. Enlightened despots

2. The French Revolution

2.1. Unfair social classes/estates

2.2. Weak leader, King Louis XVI

2.3. Affair of the Necklace, corruption in high authority figures

2.4. The Great Fear, power of rumors and words

2.5. Maximilien Robespierre

2.6. Execution of the King & Queen

2.7. Napoleon Bonaparte, military leaders taking control when no one else would

2.8. Congress of Vienna formed to prevent future revolutions

2.9. Power of the people

2.10. Constant changes in political power

3. The Industrial Revolution

3.1. Agricultural revolution

3.2. Took place dominantly in Europe

3.3. Urbanization and consumerism

3.4. Higher population

3.5. More pollution, Story of Stuff

3.6. Karl Marx's idea is the basis for communism

3.7. Adam Smith's capitalism idea

3.8. Sexism between men and women

3.9. Child labor

3.10. Bigger inequality gap

4. Age of Imperialism

4.1. Social Darwinism

4.2. Explorers, missionaries, and humanitarians

4.3. Europe taking over Africa

4.4. The Berlin Conference

4.5. Direct vs. Indirect ruling

4.6. Pacific Rim

4.7. Fight for land and resources

4.8. French Indochina

4.9. Heart of Darkness

4.10. Slavery, "workers"